Pipes and Drains

Posted in Inspirational Projects, Visual Communication by pipesanddrains on March 28, 2010

Guerilla Advertising in action.

Noticed that more recently Pepsi have started a similar campaign in Scotland. Having seen this I was really excited, before realising that my phone was not compatable to take photographs, so the advertising did not work. Hey ho, the idea of advertising all over the place too seems to be really taking off. For example, the subcity ’15’ graffiti that is still all over town  ; or more recently the { symbol advertising campaign. The only problem I can see with this being, is similar to the ‘innocent’ advertising phonomenon (eg handwritten, friendly graphics and fonts). If we begin to default to this format of advertising to appeal customers and groups on a more honest/intriuge level then surely it will become the norm and have the opposite effect?


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