Pipes and Drains

Posted in Inspirational Projects, Interesting, Product Design by pipesanddrains on June 23, 2010

http://exhibitions.cooperhewitt.org/Why-Design-Now/ Current exhibition in New York’s National Design Triennial this year. The 134 projects are socially/environmentally consious answering to the question “Why Design Now”, answering different questions about where design can go in future from different perspectives. The examples above are from the ‘communication’ section which I find particularly interesting -especially the Touch Sight Camera, by Samsung China. The camera enables visually impaired users to capture a touchable photograph, as well as 3 seconds of sound to record surroundings and experience. Sensitive form and on the forehead for support, creating a ‘third eye’ effect.

Criticism on the exhibition ( I am still hoping to visit when I go to the US for the autumn) here http://www.core77.com/blog/ny_design_week_10/why_design_now_thoughts_on_the_4th_national_design_triennial_16628.asp


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